Thursday, September 29, 2011

St. Edmund, Avenue T & Ocean Ave.

As one travels south on Ocean Avenue, this sign appears at the corner of Avenue T.

St. Edmund church is within St. Edmund elementary school on Avenue T.  The rectory, Ocean Avenue and St. Edmund Prep are to the left.  The rectory address is 2460 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-743-0102.  The parish website is linked here.  In 1922, Bishop Thomas Molloy established this parish under the patronage of St. Edmund of Canterbury. (That link from a St. Edmund parish in Delaware explains the three names by which Edmund is known.)

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The address of St. Edmund Elementary School is 1902 Avenue T, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-648-9229.

St. Edmund Preparatory High School faces Ocean Avenue just south of Avenue T.  Its address is 2474 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-743-6100. The Prep's website is linked here.

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