Friday, September 23, 2011

Saint Saviour, Park Slope

St. Saviour church is located at the southeast corner of Eighth Avenue and Sixth Street in Park Slope. Its mailing address is 611 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215, telephone 718-768-7983. The parish website tells much about the functioning of the parish, and the history page is commendable. In September, 2016, some of the graphics did not display (due to broken links?) and minutes of the pastoral planning council stop with March, 2015.

The parish high school is at 588 Sixth Street, Brooklyn NY 11215, telephone 718-768-4406. The website is linked here. The cornerstone of the building is dated 1908, so I presume that sometime in the 1950's the elementary department moved to a newer building on Eighth Avenue, shown below.
On nearby Seventh Avenue, the public high school's cornerstone is dated MCMII. Park Slope's elegance goes back to the nineteenth century. In quite a few American cities, wealthier folk sought to live on "Prospect Street" or on "The Heights." Workers tended to live near their riverfront jobs.

Above is Saint Saviour Catholic Academy, 701 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215, telephone 718-768-8000, website linked here.


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