Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good Shepherd, Avenue S

Early Christian art portrayed Jesus as the Good Shepherd, in a pose resembling the statue here at the corner of Avenue S and Brown Street between Midwood and Marine Park, Brooklyn.  The mailing address of Good Shepherd parish is 1950 Batchelder Street, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-998-2800.  The parish website, linked here, is very informative.

Dedicated to the Good Shepherd.  Batchelder Street, with rectory, school yard, and convent, is adjacent.

Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.  To the right of the holy water font is a plaque memorializing six parishioners who died in the catastrophe of 9/11.  The schedule dates from September, 2011.

The older altar has a puzzling inscription, "Nos nos oraque Deo."  Please send an explanation to cjmcmann(at)
James Sullivan has added a helpful comment.  Many thanks!  What I took as the letter o (after the second s) could well be a t with a curl.  Then it would read, Nos nostraque Deo, We and ours to God, nostra being neuter nominative plural.  I wonder what the lowest seven letters read.  By clicking on the photo, you may enlarge it.  

On May 20, 1939, fire destroyed the original 1927 church.  The new one is remarkable for its Spanish Mission design, its use of ceramic tiles (including the Stations of the Cross) and the nave windows that refer to Biblical shepherds (David, Bethlehem, parables of Jesus).

Good Shepherd Catholic Academy is at 1943 Brown Street, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-339-2745.  Its website is linked here.  The above photo faces north, towards the church at Avenue S.  

Whimsy enlivens.

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