Friday, January 22, 2010

Mary, Queen of Heaven, Flatlands or Old Mill Basin

The mailing address of the parish of Mary, Queen of Heaven, is 1395 East 56th Street, Brooklyn NY 11234, telephone 718-763-2330. The impressive parish website is linked here. The church is on the south side of Avenue M between East 56th and East 57th Streets.

Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Academy at 1326 East 57th Street, Brooklyn NY 11234, telephone 718-763-2360.

This view of Mary Queen of Heaven school looks east from East 56th Street. The cornerstone says 1949. The Dominican Sisters' convent is to the left. If I understand correctly, for years the school was staffed by Sparkill Dominicans, and the current principal is an Amityville Dominican. The 8th grade graduation class of 1970 numbered 52 (photo on Facebook). It seems there is one room per grade now.


Our Lady of Miracles, Canarsie

The mailing address of the parish of Our Lady of Miracles is 757 East 86th Street, Brooklyn NY 11236, telephone 718-257-2400. Above is the sign and devotional statue on the north side of Flatlands Avenue at East 86th Street.

The parish church with the parish center to the left.

Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it. Because this photo was taken in 2010, please check the parish website for the Mass schedule. The parish also has a Facebook page.

It would appear that the former convent on East 87th Street is the New York State headquarters of the Pro Sanctity Movement.  How three parish schools took the name Our Lady of Trust when they were merged seems to arise from the Pro Sanctity Movement based here. In Italian, Our Lady's title is la Madonna della Fiducia, patroness of a Roman seminary. Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy is now at St. Jude parish.


Nativity, Classon Avenue, closed

Please see link here.
Many thanks to the New York City chapter of the American Society of Organists for providing this informative history.
Many thanks to a former parishioner for her comment linked here.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

St. Jude, Canarsie

The mailing address of St. Jude parish is 1677 Canarsie Road, Brooklyn NY 11236, telephone 718-763-6300. The parish website is linked HERE. Admirably, the parish bulletin includes the schedule of twelve weekend Masses in three parishes.
The above view is from where Seaview Avenue, East 94th St., and Canarsie Road meet. This is only a few blocks northwest of Exit 13 of the Belt Parkway and Canarsie Pier.

The entrance to the church is here on Canarsie Road. To the left is the church. Immediately inside the door and to the right is an alcove with candles and votive notes near a statue of St. Jude. Directly across the foyer is a chapel for the adoration of the exposed Eucharist.

Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy is located at 1696 Canarsie Road, telephone 718-241-6633.

St. Jude parish was established in 1961. The cornerstone of the school is dated 1966.

On the south side of the church are the fourteen Stations of the Cross, a Pieta, and a crucifix. The numerous memorials on the stations and in the walkway reminded me that the Church is the assembly of believers rather than the hierarchy alone or the buildings.
The November 3, 2011, edition of the Brooklyn Tablet published an excellent article about the 50th anniversary of this parish.  The link is here.


Holy Family, Flatlands Ave., Canarsie

Above, the church of the Holy Family stands at the busy intersection of Rockaway Parkway and Flatlands Avenue in Canarsie, Brooklyn. The mailing address is 9719 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11236, telephone 718-257-4423. A website is under construction HERE.

The "cornerstone" to the right shows the 1950 date of the construction of this church, replacing an older parish church. The parish was founded in 1880.

Left to right on the north side of Flatlands Avenue: the church, rectory, and former school.
Two other churches dedicated to the Holy Family exist in the borough of Brooklyn, one in Greenpoint, the other on 14th Street, Park Slope.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

St. John the Baptist, Lewis Avenue

I have yet to walk around the block where St. John's University and St. John's Prep began along Lewis Avenue. In today's New York Post this article appeared, stating that a charter school, New Beginnings, will take over the space now occupied by the parish elementary school at 82 Lewis Avenue. It seems that the neighboring parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel on Putnam Avenue has already been merged into the parish of St. John the Baptist, one pastor covering worship at both churches. Two parish offices remain. Corrections and explanations are welcome.
The website of the two parishes is linked here. The rectory address is 75 Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11206, telephone 718-443-7211.