Monday, June 29, 2009

Parish schools that have closed

In my visit to Sunset Park in 2009, I did not get to Seventh Avenue and the parish and school of St. Agatha. What surprised me at St. Rocco, St. Michael, and Our Lady of Czestochowa was that I found three adjacent parishes without schools. By checking the diocesan website, I count about forty open parish schools with Brooklyn zip codes. At a now-unavailable page of the diocesan website, I came across a list of about 63 parish schools in Brooklyn that have closed. To avoid double-counting, I have attempted to exclude from that number schools that still exist as merged and schools that were closed in sequence. ("Unavailable page" as of 2012.)
It would appear that the following ten zip codes lack a Catholic elementary school: 11201-Main (0 of 6 parishes); 11212-Brownsville (0 of 1 parish); 11216-Brevoort (0 of 1 parish); 11217-TimesPlaza (0 of 1 parish); 11219 (0 of 2 parishes); 11224-ConeyIsland (0 of 1 parish); 11230-Midwood (0 of 1 parish); 11231-RedHook (0 of 5 parishes); 11232-BushTerminal (0 of 3 parishes); 11238-Adelphi (0 of 3 parishes).  (This 2009 analysis deserves editing, as more schools have been closed and the switch to "Catholic academies" is only about half complete in October, 2012.)
This official website lists the open Catholic elementary schools and academies of Brooklyn.


  1. I am a graduate of Nativity of our Blessed Lord. I graduated in 1971 and some of my greatest memories were from the time I went to school there. I taxed poor Sister Frances and wish I could apologize and let her know that I tried to emulate her and make a difference. I understand that the church closed in 1973. Such a shame. It was a beautiful church.

  2. Yvonne,
    My name is Clement Demmitt. I also went to that school. Check me out on facebook. I know some other people that have attended as well and I started a small group. Just search my name on Google or facebook.