Wednesday, June 24, 2009

St. Michael, Fourth Avenue and 42 St., Sunset Park

The parish of St. Michael was established in 1870, and this imposing church was built in 1905, under the direction of architect Raymond J. Almirall. The view looks north, with the former high school and the church taking up the block from 43rd St. to 42nd Street on the west side of Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn.

The mailing address for St. Michael's parish is 352 42nd Street, Brooklyn NY 11232, telephone 718-768-6065.

St. Michael's parish elementary school closed in 2005.

As with all photos on this blog, a click will enlarge the photo and enable you to read inscriptions. 
This LINK will explain the housing of St. Michael's Diocesan HS (for boys) at the parish from 1926 to about 1960, when the teachers and boys moved to the new Xaverian High School.


  1. I immigrated in 1964 and went to this school. I am in the process of making a trip with my wife and children and show them were I grew up. I had an awesome time here and good memories as I watched the pictures. It's really going to be a sentimental journey for me and one that I only want to share with my family.

  2. I am looking for marriage records from about 1940. I was told she had set out to be a Nun, and then decided to marry a man, who was in the military. She had two children, and passed away after the second child. We were not told much by the husband of Edna May Wiley. Please help me find information about her, for my 7 Grandchildren. I am not sure if this is the correct place to write, but written other places, and I didn't get any information.
    The names are Edna May Wiley, and she married Daryl Duval Paul.
    I would appreciate any information.
    Linda Paul

  3. I was just married here on Saturday 7/27/13, my husband attended this school from kindergarten, he also received all of his sacraments here, he lived and still family continues to live up the block, beautiful church, beautiful parish. Happy to have been apart of it. Father kevin performed a beautiful ceremony.

  4. I have a book from st. michaels church. its a dedication souvenir from sunday, October 1, 1905

  5. I have ancient newspaper article "Jubilee Festival Honors Rev. Cherry" 25 anniversary as Rector of St. Michael at Prospect Hall with names of Parochial School graduates in which my father, William [Stephen] Smith, b. 1905, is listed in that class. Article is not dated. Where can I write to confirm my father attended and what year was that graduation ceremony? Any help appreciated. Thank you. Wm. Peter Smith