Friday, January 22, 2010

Mary, Queen of Heaven, Flatlands or Old Mill Basin

The mailing address of the parish of Mary, Queen of Heaven, is 1395 East 56th Street, Brooklyn NY 11234, telephone 718-763-2330. The impressive parish website is linked here. The church is on the south side of Avenue M between East 56th and East 57th Streets.

Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Academy at 1326 East 57th Street, Brooklyn NY 11234, telephone 718-763-2360.

This view of Mary Queen of Heaven school looks east from East 56th Street. The cornerstone says 1949. The Dominican Sisters' convent is to the left. If I understand correctly, for years the school was staffed by Sparkill Dominicans, and the current principal is an Amityville Dominican. The 8th grade graduation class of 1970 numbered 52 (photo on Facebook). It seems there is one room per grade now.


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  1. I went there 1st -4th grade back in the 50s have good only thoughts
    but the spelling was hard lol