Friday, June 18, 2010

Holy Spirit, Borough Park

Holy Spirit church faces 17th Avenue at 46th Street in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn. The mailing address is 1712 45th Street, Brooklyn NY 11204, telephone 718-436-5565. It would seem that three languages predominate: English, Korean, and Spanish. The church is two blocks west of the Culver Line station (F train) at 18th Avenue.

The above photo shows the well-maintained garden and grotto, as seen from 17th Avenue. The church to the right of the sign. In the background can be seen a rectory that includes a chapel for weekday 8:30 a.m. Mass. Walkers may reach the chapel through this garden or along the driveway from 46th Street.

The parish school closed in 2004. The building was offered for lease in November, 2009. The parish bulletin lists the phone numbers of nearby St. Agatha School (718-435-3137) and that of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (718-492-2209).



  1. Hi Joe, My Grandparents were married in 1936 in this church but at the time it was known as The Church of the Holy Ghost. I am wondering if the building is the same one?

  2. Yes it is the same the name was changed when the Pope changed the name of the 3rd person of the Holy Trinity to the Holy Spirit