Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holy Cross, Flatbush

Holy Cross parish is located at 2530 Church Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11226, telephone 718-469-5900. Its website is linked here. The diocese of New York established this parish in the Village of Flatbush in 1845, before the creation of the diocese of Brooklyn and before the city of Brooklyn absorbed Flatbush.
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The parish has a religious education program.  Also, St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy (linked here) teaches elementary students at 2520 Church Avenue. (I am uncertain which parish building has that address.)

Several parish buildings front on important Church Avenue: the church, rectory, a school building, and this chapel and parish hall. The property extends from Veronica Place on the east to Woods Place on the west. Brooklyn has been called "The Borough of Churches," and this stretch of Church Avenue from Nostrand to Bedford Avenue bears witness.



  1. I attended Holy Cross School from first through eighth grades. I also had my first communion and confirmation at Holy Cross Church. Good memories.

    1. I attended Holy Cross Boy's School from Kindergarten through 8th Grade.
      Very found memories, especially of Brother Gabriel in 8th Grade. Also, had
      Brother Nicholas, who used to fall asleep during class. I remember the weekly
      Dance Lessons. Later we attended the dances in the Auditorium. I remember the
      Nuns in church on Sundays, better be on good behavior or they appeared from nowhere and "smack!"

  2. Genealogical Search going on in our family. My mother Joan Ketzner attended Holy Crosse School She would have been 5 years old in 1932. Looking for a Paul Ketzner and a John Ketzner.

    We didn'teven know either Paul or John existed until a family member realized it after viewing the 1940census.

    Any information about John or Paul would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  3. I left the state in 1950 but attended Holy Cross elementry school from 1939 to 1947. Mostly all of my friends went to the same school and I often think about them and how their lives turn out. It would be nice catch up with them again.

  4. This comment is from Orlyn Ericson,
    Hi Joe, I was looking at your pictures and the one of the red brick school was used for many years. The top three windows on the left side was grade 8B. My last class there in 1947.

    It's a very nice site and brought back a lot of memories. I wish some of my old friends saw it and left a post. I'm 81 now and it would be nice to hear from them.

  5. I also attended Holy Cross from 1963-1971.. I received my Holy Communion and Confirmation here too.. Many fond memories.. Im just not happy about Monsignor Woods statue being sold.. That was an icon

    Deborah Sullivan Dalton

  6. I attended Holy Cross from 1970-1976. Like most, I too had my Holy Communion in the Chapel. I'm so grateful that I had this Christian foundation.

  7. I attended 1941 & 1942, the 7th & 8th grades under Brother Neri(sp) who was quick to punish using wooden ruler. Principal was brother Claude. Wonderful memories. Haven't been able find or contact anyone from thatr time and as I age I am forgetting the names. Billy Masterson, Johnny Curry are two I recall. My Dad was Superintendent for 100 Linden Blvd between Bedford and Rogers avenues.
    Live in California with my beautiful bride on 62+ years, Rita StLaurent of Ave. H & E. 16th Street (Midwood). John Quinn

  8. I am using this church on Church Avenue as the setting for a funeral in a novel I am writing about Brooklyn in the 1930's. My grandmother lived across the street and I remember the church well. I cannot find any photos of hte Interior but want to know if there is a side altar where a small mass could be said, say the funeral of a child?