Sunday, March 28, 2010

Transfiguration, Marcy Ave., Williamsburg

The mailing address of Transfiguration parish is 263 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211,telephone 718-388-8773.  The home page of a new website is linked HERE.  The church is located at Marcy Avenue and Hooper Street, only two blocks south of the Hewes Street station of the J elevated train.

A correspondent has inquired which windows in the church are Tiffany windows.  He recently sent me a list that probably dates from 1910: Four Evangelists, St. Agnes, St. Cecilia, St. Mary Magdalene, Madonna and child, St. Dominic, Sts. Peter and Paul, ornamental windows and gable and porch lights.   I took the above photo before I learned about the possible Tiffany source.  Would anyone be able to identify the above windows or verify that the listed windows are currently in the church?  Please email the inquirer at wab104(at)    Thank you.

The window in the north transept depicts the Transfiguration.  It is probably not a Tiffany.

The above photo was taken in 2010, and schedules may have changed.

Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it. Bryan Karvelis, a deceased pastor, is commemorated on the street sign. See the link here for more information. A description of the church organ is here.

Transfiguration parish was founded in 1874, and 1889 is the date on the church cornerstone.

The parish school closed in 2005. Nearby on Marcy Avenue is a large public school now an academy for Satmar Hasidim.



  1. Thrilled to see some interior photos! Keep them coming!

  2. How can I find birth and christening records from this church?

  3. Please telephone the parish office at 718-388-8733. As this is a functioning parish, the baptismal records are kept there in ledger form, searchable only by date of baptism. As far as I know, they are not computerized. Also, please note that these are sacramental records, not birth records, and what you are looking for is a certificate of baptism. If the clerk can find your name at or near the date you specify, you may obtain certificate (that is, a current statement of what the ledger shows) for a fee. I am not a parish worker, but this is the way Catholic records are kept. (Regarding other parishes: If the church has been merged, the records go to the other church. If the church has been closed, the records are kept at the chancery.

  4. I grew up near this church and now after I completed The RCIA classes, I would love to attend mass here, but I now live in Reno Nevada

  5. I graduated in 1965. looking for classmates. Hope all is well, I live in Connecticut