Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Williamsburg

The mailing address of the Shrine Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is 275 North Eighth St., Brooklyn NY 11211, telephone 718-384-0223. For the informative parish website, click here, and peruse the menu items. For the renowned parish feast each July, click here.

Above is the intersection of Havemeyer St. and North 8th St. About fifty years ago, the older church was in the way of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. In a sense, Robert Moses paid for the new church.
On the parish website, please notice the Saints Chapel.  I was unable to count the devotions to Mary (under many titles) and the saints.
Architects did not consider the difficulty some people have climbing steps, as I observed before Mass 3.27.2010.

The size of the parish might be judged by the number of Masses scheduled on weekends.  In August, 2016, it is four in English, one in Italian, plus two at the nearby Church of the Annunciation: one in Lithuanian, and one in Spanish. 

Above is the former parish school at 10 Withers Street. Catholic elementary education is now provided at Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy, 11 Catherine Street.  Clicking on any photo will enlarge it. 
Two of the above photos show a new, taller building on Union Avenue behind the church and school. This is a rather typical view of Williamsburg and Greenpoint in 2010. Among houses of two or three stories are higher modern condos, perhaps not yet fully sold. One encounters these structures on all shapes of tracts, small or large, buildings of three centuries in a block.


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