Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blessed Sacrament, Euclid Avenue, Cypress Hills

As one rides the J train from Jamaica to the Williamsburg Bridge, so many steeples are seen that it is difficult to name them. The train crosses an invisible border from Queens to Brooklyn and stops at Crescent Street, Brooklyn, on an old section of the Fulton Street el. This photo of Blessed Sacrament parish is taken from the train platform.
The mailing address for Blessed Sacrament parish is 198 Euclid Ave., Brooklyn NY 11208, telephone 718-827-1200. The parish website is linked HERE.
The parish school is at 187 Euclid Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11208. The school telephone is 718-235-4863.  Its website is linked here.

The parish school is accredited by the Middle States Association (Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools).

I note the trilingual sign above: Latin, English, Spanish.

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Is that St. Francis at the rectory door?

"Our church is open all day. Venid y adoremos." As I have observed at other unlocked churches in Brooklyn, worshipers visit the church often. I have seldom found an empty church.
The parish bulletin is one of the friendliest and most welcoming that I have seen.

This 1891 cornerstone may have been removed from the old church when the present church was dedicated in 1912.  Please see the helpful narrative of parish history linked here.  Also see the excellent account given here on McNamara's blog.
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  1. A most beautiful church, but more important....this is where I got my Religious Foundation. I forever remember the wonderful memories and the things I was taught.

  2. Oh my, this picture brings back childhood memories! I always referred to this church as my grandma's church, even though we're Jewish, since Blessed Sacrament was around the corner from where their store and apt was. Even before I googled the church and came across this site, I could picture the steeples and the green tiles (were they tiles?) at the top. I was fascinated by the size of it -- it seemed more like a cathedral to me. I've been living in California for more than 30 years now, but enjoy the nostalgia of my childhood. Thanks for posting the photo!

  3. I went to sunday school & made my first communion here, just seeing these pictures brought back memories..

  4. Joe Reilly Sept 26 2015
    I was baptized at Blessed Sacrament in September 1941. Seventy four years ago this month.