Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Lady of Lourdes, Bushwick

Our Lady of Lourdes parish, located along Broadway between Bushwick and East New York, has been combined with the parish of St. Martin of Tours. The building on DeSales Place in the above photo seems to be the former rectory, whose office is now located at St. Martin of Tours, 1288 Hancock St, Brooklyn, NY 11221, telephone 718-443-8484. The photo is taken from the window of a westbound J train between the Broadway Junction and Chauncey Street stations. 
The bulletin of the combined parishes a few years ago said that Mass is offered Monday to Friday at the convent of the Missionaries of Charity, 34 Aberdeen Street, telephone 718-443-2868. (I cannot confirm this in 2017.)  Sunday at 11 a.m. a bi-lingual Mass is offered at 89 Furman Avenue.
For an excellent capsule history of the parish, please see McNamara's Blog, linked here. The parish of St. Francis de Sales was established in 1872 and renamed Our Lady of Lourdes in 1897. For many decades, it was staffed by the Fathers of Mercy, a missionary and preaching congregation. That may be one reason for the the large size of the rectory.
As of 1.5.2017, I'm uncertain about the accuracy of the above description of the property. Please note this Brownstoner article dated 1.4.2017 on the construction of 63 affordable apartments in the convent.


  1. Our Lady of Lourdes was one of the most beautiful churches in Brooklyn. There was a Grotto, behind the main altar, containing crutches of those who were healed by Our Lady's Intersession. I recall participating in "Mission Sunday" Procession, in 1967, students wore habits representing their respective religious teachers of their schools. My dearly beloved mom, would take me to this church, as a young child... she loved it so much! The memories, shall live on in my heart eternally...

    1. I agree , it was one of the most beautiful churches in Brooklyn at one time. I graduated in 1970. Wish I could turn the clock back in time. Friendships I will never forget, great teachers, great school.....terrific childhood memories...

  2. I entered the elementary school in 1957 and graduated in 1967. I recal receiving communion in this holy place. I was touched forever by he love of Jesus Christ. This church was beautiful and almost a lifelike replica of Lourdes in France. My sister married their and remains married to his day. I sincerely believe I am alive today because of the intercession of our blessed mother. Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School imparted to me a vast understanding of FAITH in our Lord Jesus. I still remember all my good sisters of St Joseph that taught me patience and diligence. I cried when the church mysteriously exploded. To this day I CRY but as the scripture says "destroy this chuch and I will build it it 3 days" no human being can tare down the work of God the Father SON And Holy Spirit. I am proud to have attended such a wonderful school. Continue to bless this place immaculate Conception forever in Jesus name Amen

  3. I went this church in the mid '50's to the 60s...I loved the church so much I have so many good memories. It broke my heart when I read online that it was burned. So sad. The most beautiful church ever.

  4. That's a beautiful church. I was christened and made my first communion at Our Lady of Lourdes. I remember one of the nuns there, sister Mary Linus. I was so sad to hear about the fire, it broke my heart. It was the most beautiful church ever.