Monday, October 5, 2009

Visitation, Red Hook

The address for Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish rectory, seen at the left of the above photo, is 98 Richards Street, Brooklyn NY 11231, telephone 718-624-1572. The church itself is on the southwest corner of Richards Street and Verona Street. The photo looks north, with Red Hook Park to the photographer's right.
A new website for the parish is linked HERE.

On the southwest corner of Richards Street and Visitation Place is the former convent, now with some other use. The former parish school, mid-block on the north side of Visitation Place, appears to be used used by a health agency.
A correspondent who has roots in this parish sent several notes of interest, which I will quote below.
"There is a website that tells of the history of the organ in the Church. The organ was unbelievable.
"As far as the falling enrollment, Visitation School did not have tuition until late 60's and I think it was $10.00. We were taught mainly by nuns. I don't know if the loss of the nuns in the parish and the loss of various closings of industries in the area (Todd Shipyards, Sucrest) which employed more than half of Red Hook had anything to do with it."

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