Tuesday, August 26, 2008

St. Joseph Patron of the Universal Church, Bushwick

The mailing address of St. Joseph's parish is 185 Suydam St., Brooklyn NY 11221, telephone 718-386-0175. Its website is linked HERE.
The parish of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, is known colloquially as St. Joseph, Suydam Street, to distinguish it from other parishes named after St. Joseph. From its 1919 origins, the parish was principally Italian. Now it is administered by the Scalabrini Fathers, an Italian congregation founded to accompany emigrants to their new lands and help them there. In this instance, it is obvious that they now assist new immigrants from Latin America. Many of the Germans, Irish, and Italians of Bushwick have emigrated again, this time to suburbs.
The school, named St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Catholic Academy, is at 181 Suydam St., Brooklyn NY 11221, telephone 748-386-9277. Adjacent to the church on Suydam Street, between Central Avenue and Wilson Avenue, this is north of the Central Avenue station of the M train. For decades, the Dominican Sisters staffed the parish school.
Many thanks for the following comment received 6.17.2011:
I tried to leave a comment on your home page, but I was unsuccessful.
I've been searching for quite some time for a web site for St. Joe's and was happy to come across one tonight.
I am not sure if there is a historian or if anyone is interested in stories from years ago. If so, here is a brief family history.
My parents, Salvatore and Rose Marie Lardizzone, married in St. Joe's Church in April of 1950. My brother, sister, and I were baptized there. My brother and I received our Communion and Confirmation at St. Joe's. I attended school there from 1957 to Nov. '62, my brother from '59 to Nov. '62. My parents bought a house in L.I. in '62 and we moved from Evergreen Ave., Brooklyn. My sister was 4 at the time.
One of the nuns would put on an annual show for the Bishop when he visited. One year I was a clown in the chorus (4th grade) and the following year I was a ballerina (5th grade). If I remember correctly the nun's name was Sr. Maria Concetta. My brother & I were cadets and participated in the annual marching competition. There is really only one student I remember. Her name is Edith Ciro. I've tried to locate her on Facebook, but to no avail.
I became a special education teacher 11 years ago.
I am sure the school and parish has been through some changes since the 50s. If there is any information you could share about the school or the nuns, I would love to hear it. Some where in my files I still hold dear my St. Joseph Patron School report cards.
Thank you in advance,
Anna M. (Lardizzone) Kearney


  1. My Dearly Beloved Father received his First Holy Communion in St Joseph's Church, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York... I hold this Church dear in my heart...

  2. Anna Marie,
    I used to live at 153 Evergreen Ave., a few doors away from you. My name is Ellen Barbera. I have two Brothers, Dennis and Steve. I remember you well. You used to chew your knuckles.
    Please let me know if this is you. I too was looking for Edith Ciro. I was actually in touch with her about 8 years ago when I was trying to organize a St Joe's Reunion. I didn't realize you went to St. Joe's. What year did you graduate?
    Please write back soon.

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  4. i started first at st joseph's..i remember reading, writing, learning, having lunch..the sea cadets, the musical shows and my classmates, though having left for another school in the fifth grade..i can not honastly say i remember all of them..the dominican sisters were very kind to us..they taught us well with a healthy discipline..i was very sad to leave st joseph's. i did return in 1985 for a brief..as a child, my cousin and i would attend mass and the weddings and pick up pennies outside the church..i would take the wilson ave buss home to my family's bakery after school and arrive in the morning the same way..meeting my two classmates on the way to school..good luck at graduation..you must have been beautfiul as you always were.
    nancy lee mastrosimone