Saturday, April 30, 2011

St. Mark, Sheepshead Bay

A quarter-mile north of the wharves of Sheepshead Bay, on Ocean Avenue from Jerome Avenue to Avenue Z, is the church of St. Mark, with a campanile benefiting its name.  The parish address is 2609 East 19th Street, Brooklyn NY 11235, telephone 718-891-3100, website linked here.
A better photo is on Flickr, linked here.

Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.  St. Mark Catholic Academy is located at 2602 East 19th Street, Brooklyn NY 11235, telephone 1-718-332-9304.  

Rarely do Brooklyn parishes take up a full square block, but St. Mark's parish fills another block  west with school, auditorium, and parking.  This view looks west on Avenue Z towards the Sheepshead Bay subway station, and, further west, to the site of the parish's first two churches, each wooden and each unfortunately destroyed by fire (1891, 1929).   
Brian Merlis, who has written numerous interesting books on Brooklyn history, treats of St. Mark's parish in his volume titled "Brooklyn's Gold Coast: The Sheepshead Bay Communities." 

St. Brendan, Midwood

The address of St. Brendan's parish 1525 East 12th Street, Brooklyn NY 11230, telephone 718-339-2828.  The parish website is linked HERE. There is a Saturday evening Mass and two on Sunday.  Each photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.

It appears that the religious education department shares the former St. Brendan's diocesan high school with one or other entities., one of them called New York League Early Learning - William O'Connor Midwood.  The school extends south on East 13th Street, has a 1912 cornerstone, and apparently received a fourth-story addition at some time. 
Many thanks to MaryAnne for this clarification which led me to edit the above paragraph: 

"As an alumna, I wanted to point out that the building in the pic of the former St. Brendan's Elementary School was originally St. Brendan's Diocesan High School from 1922 to 1977.   
I think the original convent (Sisters of St. Joseph,  Brentwood) and the original elementary school (across Ave O) were torn down and turned into Senior Citizen housing when the High School closed.  But my memory may not be totally accurate on those buildings."  Your memory has been confirmed by another former parishioner.  The senior housing is were the elementary school was.

The above view looks north on East 13th Street towards Avenue O, where one may glimpse a small part of the Senior Citizen housing across the avenue.

St. Rose of Lima, Parkville

The rectory address for St. Rose of Lima parish is 269 Parkville Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11230, telephone 718-434-8040.  On Sundays, there are Masses in English, Spanish, Polish, Urdu, and at times in the Filipino language. Please see the bulletin page on the parish website.

The above view looks west on residential Parkville Avenue from East 8th Street towards Ocean Parkway. To the left of the church is new construction at a for-profit charter school which purchased or leased the parish school.  The construction is where the statue of St. Rose was in this 2006 photo on Flickr.  The statue, bearing the inscription in my photo above, is now to the front left of the church.  I remark how useful it is when people, as Betty Blake, use Flickr or other sites to post photos of their own neighborhoods.

View from Newkirk Avenue.  The cornerstone of the school reads 1892 and 1913.  Both church and former school extend  from Newkirk Avenue to Parkville Avenue.  The banner reads "Brooklyn Dreams Charter School, National Heritage Academies."