Sunday, August 21, 2011

St. Athanasius, Bensonhurst

Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.  Above is the Mass schedule as of August, 2011.  St. Athanasius church is located on the southeast corner of Bay Parkway and 61st Street. The mailing address is 2154 61st Street, Brooklyn NY 11204, telephone 718-236-0124.  The parish website is linked here.
The parish was established in 1913.  Shortly after Bishop Kearney High School was built across the street in 1961, the congregation built the beautiful new church you see in the photos below.  The older church was located on the north side of 61st Street in what is now a parking lot between the high school and its convent.

This view looks east across Bay Parkway.

St. Athanasius was bishop of Alexandria, Egypt, in the fourth century.  His writings and teachings have designated him as a Greek Father of the Church.  I presume the mosaic shows the harbor of Alexandria.

La quinceñera in her blue gown is seated facing the altar, while a lector reads Scripture.  It is a Friday afternoon.

The upper windows show prophets and teachers of the Old Testament.  The lower windows depict apostles and other teachers.

Across the street is St. Athanasius School at 6120 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn NY 11204, telephone as on the banner above.  The school website is linked here.
Please note that the rectory is not adjacent to the church.  Rather, it is across Bay Parkway at 2164 61st Street.

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