Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bishop Kearney HS, Bensonhurst

Bishop Kearney High School is located on the southeast corner of 60th Street and Bay Parkway, on the borders of Bensonhurst and Parkville, Brooklyn.  The mailing address is 2201 60th Street, Brooklyn NY 11204, telephone 718-236-6363.  The school's website, linked here, is extensive and informative.  There are many photos, including this slideshow of the graduation in 2011.
Two important bus routes cross at this location.  In the photo is a B6 bus connecting Bath Beach to East New York.  On 60th Street runs the B9, connecting Bay Ridge to Kings Plaza.

Above is the view at 61st Street.  St. Athanasius church is off the right side of the photo.  Josephite Sisters and lay teachers staff both the private high school and the parish elementary school.

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