Monday, August 17, 2009

St. Sylvester, City Line

The address of the church of Saint Sylvester is 416 Grant Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11208, telephone 718-647-1995.  It seems that since 2013, the pastor of St. Fortunata parish has administered St. Sylvester's. Each parish has a new website produced by the diocese: St. Sylvester and St. Fortunata. The churches are a mile apart.

The church property, fenced and with well-maintained landscaping, extends along the north side of McKinley Avenue, City Line, from Eldert Lane to Grant Avenue. Here is the main entrance on McKinley Avenue. Ahead is Grant Avenue with the rectory across the street.
The neighborhood term, City Line, dates from the era when Brooklyn was a city, not a mere borough. If Brooklyn were a city today, it would rank as #4 in population of U. S. cities!

The former school is on the west side of the street, at 396 Grant Avenue. The school was merged into Salve Regina Catholic Academy, a mile to the west.

Above is the parish rectory at 416 Grant Avenue, facing the church.


  1. I lived in the Pink Houses between 1959 and 1969.
    Raised three children there and went to bingo at St. Sylvesters..Very heartwarming to remember...

  2. As of 1/31/13, St. Sylvester RC Parish will be administered from St. Fortunata's RC Parish on Crescent Street & Linden Blvd, with Pastor, Fr Raso, being moved to being Administrator of Guardian Angel on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn, nr Coney Island.

  3. I remember making my First Communion in St. Sylvester's, and attended school there through 2nd grade, until my family moved upstate. My Dad also proposed to my Mom in the Grotto of the Church in 1951. A wonderful Church, School, and parish.... sometimes change is not a good thing.

  4. attended school there-graduated in 1969-was married at the church in 1978--so many memories and emotions looking at these photos

  5. I went there from 1st to 3rd grade. My favorite nun was Sister Judith Claire

  6. I graduated in '53..7 out of us 8 kids, went to St. Sylvester. I remember Fr's, St. John, Mc Girr and Pastor Fr. Smith. Most of all I remember the wonderful Sisters of Charity, if not for them, I would not be where I am today, both socially and spiritually.