Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Choosing a Catholic High School

The Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools is accepting applicants now.  Parents are urged to look at this information site and read each of the links in the left-hand column.  You may have to print out some of the forms and directions. The list of schools is posted sideways on the PDF, so printing those pages would help you to read the information. It would appear that the nine Catholic high schools of the borough of Brooklyn offer 1,300 places for incoming freshmen. Please note, however, that the TACHS exam will forward your score to three high schools, and these can be in any of the five boroughs. Some residents of Brooklyn, for example, live near the transit bus routes to Staten Island. Other Brooklynites live adjacent to Queens, where the nine Catholic high schools offer 2,160 freshman seats. The M train serves Christ the King HS directly.  Boys may wish to travel to Manhattan for Regis High School (no tuition), La Salle Academy, or Xavier.
Please also note the dates of the Open House visitations and the Information Fairs.
The cost of the test is $63.

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