Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pope John Paul II Family Academy to close

See this Tablet article dated 2.12.2014 about the closing of Pope John Paul II Family Academy (in the former St. Barbara School) this June.  Lack of funds is given as the reason.  Please recall that this academy was funded by an anonymous donor.  At the time of the schools initiation, there was some report of the donor's insistence of family participation in Sunday Mass.  The Tablet article does not indicate the enrollment or the grades that are being taught, nor does it mention staffing. A rooftop photo on the academy's website shows about 110 students and 15 staff, including two or three religious Sisters, perhaps from Poland.


  1. What an unfortunate situation, these kids in the school were promised one thing and got another. I hope there is something we can do to stop the school from closing. My kids attend this school and I must say the teachers and staff are great. I have seen the improvement my kids have made since attending this school. It saddens me so much to see this wonderful environment close down. I think if we all get together we can stop the school from closing.

    1. its not right! i am furios to hear its closing lets find away to stop this tragedy come on