Monday, April 9, 2012

Sacred Heart, Fort Greene

Sacred Heart church stands on Clermont Avenue between Park Avenue (to the left and south) and Flushing Avenue (to the right, with the Navy Yard).  The parish was established in 1871 and this church completed in 1877.  About 2008 Bishop Dimarzio renamed the parish Mary of Nazareth parish, with the absorption of St. Michael - St. Edward parish, later closed.    His decree dated 11.12.2010 suppressed the parish of St. Lucy - St. Patrick and merged it into the parish of Mary of Nazareth, 41 Adelphi Street, but St. Lucy - St. Patrick continues to show up on the diocesan list of parishes.   When I took these photos of Sacred Heart church in April, 2012, I could find no exterior Mass schedule, but the diocesan website shows a Thursday 7:30 p.m. Mass in Spanish and a Sunday bilingual Mass at 10:30 a.m.  The diocesan website also lists Mass four times a week at St. Patrick's church, Kent and Willoughby Avenues.

The rectory at the right is at 41 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn, New York 11205, telephone 718-625-5115.
The large school bears the name Sacred Heart Institute from an earlier era.  From 1973 to 1985 it was Fort Greene Catholic.  Now, the closest door has two signs, Greenhill School and Sacred Heart Religious Instruction Center.  The 2011 edition of the Official Catholic Directory states that there were 125 students in religious education.

According to this document on Wallabout Cultural Resources, Thomas F. Houghton designed the church, the rectory, and the institute.
On 5.8.2014, a reader wrote (see comment below) that she would like photos of the interior of the church.  She also remarked about the organ.  The New York organ project offers a description of the church and its organ, linked here.


  1. In the 1960's, I took my communion and confirmation in this church, and attended the grammar school adjacent to the church, Sacred Heart Grammar School. This jewel of a church has one of the most beautiful interiors I've ever seen and I hope that you one day post some pictures. The church organ was a particular gem. It's been a good 40+ years since I've been inside, I have no idea how it might have aged, but I hope someone has been looking after it.

  2. I attended Sacred Heart in the mid 60's along with my two sisters and brother. My mother was a lay-teacher there as well. I have many fine and vivid memories of my time there. I became an alter boy and remember Father Fredrickson as a kind and gentle soul. My father was in the US Navy and was stationed at the Navy Yard with Admiral John McCain.

    1. I also attended Sacred Heart School from 1965 through 1969. I lived at 200 Flushing Avenue right across the street from the Navy Yard. I remember my uniform, white shirt,Navy blue pants and tie with SHS weaved onto the tie. Perhaps we attended at the same time? I served as an Altar Boy as well and remember Fathers Fredrickson, Haggerty, Mons. Dywer, Father Murphy and Father Sullivan, who became pastor I believe around 1967 or 1969. I also recall the Sisters of Mercy who taught us. Here are the nuns that taught me and whom I remember.....Sister Mary Edmond (Mother Superior), Sister Mary Loretto, Sister Mary Jonathan, Sister Mary Lucretia and a Sister Francis. I also have such wonderful and vivid fond memories of that time. I honestly wanted to become a priest because of the priest who inspired me. And it seems I was always serving Mass any opportunity I could get. I'm sure we could share stories about our days at Sacred Heart Church. So glad I came upon this site today and your posting. Thanks for reading my reply. Rafael. My email is

    2. I also attended Sacred Heart from 1965-1969. I lived at 200 Flushing Avenue right across the street from the Navy Yard. I recall my uniform of a white shirt, Navy blue pants and tie with SHS weaved onto the tie itself. I served as an Altar Boy and remember Father's Fredrickson, Haggerty, Murphy, Algara, Mons. Dwyer and Father Sullivan, who became Pastor around 1967 or 68. I remember the Sisters of Mercy, who were my teachers. Sister Mary Edmond, Mother Superior, Sister Mary Jonathan, Sister Mary Loretto, Sister Mary Lucretia and Sister Francis. Perhaps we attended at the same time? So glad I found your posting. Here is my email, just in case: Thanks and take care.....Rafael

  3. I was baptized from Sacred Heart in 1954!