Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Salve Regina Catholic Academy, East New York

In February, 2016, the informative and well-maintained website of Salve Regina Catholic Academy may be found HERE.
The website of the Brooklyn diocesan newspaper, The Tablet, includes a lengthy article about the high enrollment and other success at the new Salve Regina Catholic Academy.  The writer states that 732 students are currently enrolled (October, 2011) in grades N-8, with three sections per grade.  A grade-by-grade breakdown of enrollment is not provided.
The academy uses the buildings at Jerome Street and Liberty Avenue, pictured in this blog within the St. Michael's parish heading, linked here.  The address of Salve Regina Catholic Academy is 237 Jerome Street, Brooklyn NY 11207, telephone 718-277-6766.
This article dated 11.21.2011 appeared on the web of The Brooklyn Ink, providing much information on how the three schools have formed one.   Of particular note to me is that only thirty students transferred from St. Sylvester's school.  Distance matters.

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  1. Since St. Sylvester Parish has both Queens & Brooklyn Boundaries, and with St Elizabeth's Parish borders with St. Sylvester School, the Majority of St. Sylvester Students went over to St. Elizabeth's Catholic Academy. The next largest contingent went to St. Mary Gate of Heaven School, which like St Elizabeth's, is in Ozone Park. Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy picked up a few displaced Sylvestrians. The Denizens of St. Sylvester in City Line, feel that they have more in common with Ozone Park in Queens than with East New York, Brooklyn, plus they feel safer in the two Queens Schools.