Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Matthew, Crown Heights

The parish of St. Matthew, Crown Heights, has three churches: St. Matthew on Eastern Parkway near Utica Avenue, St. Gregory the Great at Brooklyn Avenue and St. John's Place (that is, a mile west of St. Matthew), and Our Lady of Charity on Dean Street (that is, eight blocks north of St. Matthew).  The parish address is 1123 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY 11213, telephone 718-774-6747.
The website of St. Gregory the Great elementary school is linked here.

My photos of the church of St. Gregory the Great are linked here.


  1. They just tore down St. Matthews School. I went there 1st to 8th grade. From 1956/64. The school was shut down as a Catholic site in the 70's. The building lasted exactly 100 years.

    1. Does anybody know what they are building there?

  2. Come to think of it the Church building was also built in 1912. When going to Mass as a child or when the Nuns hauled us from the school kicking, and screaming to Confession on Fridays. I always noticed the cornerstone with "1912 A.D." neatly chiseled into the granite.

    Somethings, like forced confessions, ^..^, and that cornerstone are not easily forgotten.

  3. I'm sad to think of the school as gone. I attended 1959 to 1963, when we moved away and my memories are good. I always thought I'd get a chance to go back to see the church and school. Convent torn down, too?

  4. There was a larger cross on the bell tower at one point.

  5. I went to St Matthews in 1941, I remember being at a school play at about 7 PM with my first grade Classmates. All of a sudden the lights came on and a Nun came on stage and said , we are sending you home, because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. We got up and left the auditorium. Some things just stick in your head, I attended until the sixth grade and transferred to Holy Redeemer in Freeport . We had the Christian brothers from the third grade to the eight. I was shanghaied into the choir, the Choir teacher was Miss Orielly, we sang mostly Latin at the 11 o'clock Masses, Holy Days and Midnight Mass on Christmas !