Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All Saints, Williamsburg

The above photo looks north to All Saints church, at the intersection of Flushing Avenue, Throop Avenue, and Thornton Street. The office address is 115 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11206, telephone 718-388-1951. The parish website is linked HERE
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The events at Tepayac on December 12, 1531, are commemorated on the passageway linking church and rectory. When the diocese established All Saints parish in 1868, the congregation was mostly German. Mexicans and other Latin Americans predominate nowadays.

When I took these photos in November, 2010, there was no outdoor sign telling the name of the church, welcoming anyone, or announcing the Mass schedule, perhaps because the schedule for the Feast Day 12.12.2010 is quite different: Hymns at 10 a.m., Lauds at 10:30, Procession at 11, solemn Mass at noon, Tecuaniz Dance in the basement at 1 p.m., and Mass at 7 p.m. A guess: the closure of the chapel of Our Lady of Monserrat may lead to other changes and necessitate new signs.
In 2016, the parish website lists two Sunday Masses: English at 9 a.m., Spanish at 11:30.

The above photo looks southeast on Throop Avenue. Perhaps a former school building at the left is used for religious education and other meetings. On the roof is a dish aimed at the diocesan television antenna adjacent to Bishop Ford High School. In the distance is part of Woodhull Medical Center. Parish school numbers were so large in the past, that schools were built on Whipple St. (at left, above), Throop Avenue, and Thornton Street. One was a parish high school for girls. A school playground is now the location of a busy McDonald's on Broadway. Buildings on Whipple St. appear to have been renovated as apartments. The building on Thornton Street now houses Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, founded by a Sister of Mercy. (Matthew Thornton signed the Declaration of Independence.)
On 7.31.2013, Kathy Dawe commented, "The building on the corner and the one next to it were both high school buildings for All Saints Commercial High School for Girls. The older building next to these was All Saints Elementary School. Good memories.  Too bad there were never any reunions."

If All Saints doesn't post a sign with its name, at least around the corner on Flushing Avenue, the Angels do.



  1. This is My Alma Mater, I shall hold Sacred and Cherished Memories of my years at All Saints, in my heart eternally... Gracias A Dios!

  2. I too went to All Saints and have fond memories. My family owned Los Angeles (named after the list of "Angels" who worked there includig my grandfather and father)...Ruiz....

    1. Many thanks for the warm, familial explanation of Los Angeles. May all be well.

  3. priceless eternal memories, living on in the hearts of many...

  4. I taught the 4th grade there in 1986. Great experience. I will never forget it

  5. I attended All Saints Commercial HS from 1960-1964. Mixed memories. However, the first 1964 HS reunion was held at the 25 year mark and only a few more at 5 year intervals. One was a mixed year event in Brooklyn somewhere. The last on was at the 50th. Check into Facebook for some info. Gerrie