Saturday, April 25, 2009

St. Mary, Mother of Jesus, Bensonhurst

Above is the church of St. Mary Mother of Jesus on 85th Street, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. The second parish church burned in 1967, and this church was built in 1971, after the sudden death of its architect, John J. O'Malley. The rectory mailing address is 2326 84th Street, Brooklyn NY 11214, telephone 718-372-4000. In 2015, I cannot find the parish website, with Mass schedule, informative history, photos, and much other information. The parish dates back to 1889.  Please also see the parish Facebook page, which appears to be more current.

Above, looking south on 23rd Avenue at 84th Street, we see St. Peter Catholic Academy
The school address is 8401 23rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11214, telephone 718-372-0025. The school has two buildings, seen here extending a full city block.
This is the third name the school has been called.  From about 2006 to 2013, the name was The Catholic Academy of St. Mary, Mother of Jesus - St. Francis Cabrini, serving the parishes of St. Dominic, St. Finbar, St. Frances Cabrini, Most Precious Blood, and St. Mary, Mother of Jesus.  In 2008, St. Finbar's parish, a mile to the west, closed its school, and in 2009, the diocese ordered Most Precious Blood school, a mile to the southeast, to close.
The Sisters of Saint Joseph staffed St. Mary, Mother of Jesus, parish school from its beginning in 1914.

Above, looking east at the corner of 23rd Avenue (to the left) and 85th Street (to the right). Padre Pio can be seen waiting at the traffic signal. The red sign announces a cooperative program with St. John's University.