Friday, January 30, 2009

St. Francis Xavier, Sixth Ave., Park Slope

The rectory address is 225 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215, telephone 718-638-1880. For more information, please visit the parish website here. The parish of St. Augustine was established in 1870, and St. Francis Xavier parish in 1886. The two churches are only six blocks apart on beautiful Sixth Avenue. This photo shows the 1888 cornerstone of St. Francis Xavier church.
The parish has an elementary school.  Its informative website is linked HERE.

The above invitation to a Lenten Mission faces Sixth Avenue in early March, 2010.
Please click the photo to enlarge it.
Two sources list the architect as Thomas Houghton: Marrone's book and this one.  However, his date of death is given 1903 in one, 1913 in the other.


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