Friday, September 30, 2011

St. Margaret Mary, Manhattan Beach

Facing Manhattan Beach Park on Ocean Avenue is the church of St. Margaret Mary.  The parish, established in 1920, seems to own the short block along the south side of Oriental Boulevard from Exeter Street to Ocean Avenue. The rectory address is 215 Exeter Street, Brooklyn NY 11235, telephone 718-743-1824.
Note that two Masses are offered each week.

On Oriental Boulevard at Ocean Avenue, this sign faces the bus stop.  Bus routes B1 (from Bay Ridge and the Brighton Beach subway station) and B46 (from the full north-south Ocean Avenue and the Shepshead Bay subway station) travel along Oriental Boulevard towards Kingsborough Community College. Although this is a residential neighborhood, street parking is severely restricted.
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690) of Burgundy, France, became a Visitation nun.  Because of her visions, she encouraged a devotion to Jesus and His Sacred Heart.
In the 2013 Official Catholic Directory for the Ukrainian Catholic Diocese of Stamford, there is a listing for a mission, named in honor of Blessed Nicholas Chernetsky, in Manhattan Beach. A description from 2005 is linked here. In 1956, I first attended a Ukrainian Liturgy in Troy and was awed by the strong participation of the faithful in singing the Byzantine hymns.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

St. Edmund Preparatory High School

St. Edmund Preparatory High School faces Ocean Avenue just south of Avenue T.  Its address is 2474 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-743-6100. The Prep's website is linked here.
URGENT: Eighth graders seeking admission to freshman year at St. Edmund's and other Catholic high schools in 2012 must register for the Test for Admission to Catholic High School.  Please read the TACHS website linked here.  Deadlines are fast approaching.  Open House at St. Edmund's is scheduled for Saturday, October 15, 2011, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Tuesday, October 25  at 7 p.m.  Also, please read this page.

St. Edmund, Avenue T & Ocean Ave.

As one travels south on Ocean Avenue, this sign appears at the corner of Avenue T.

St. Edmund church is within St. Edmund elementary school on Avenue T.  The rectory, Ocean Avenue and St. Edmund Prep are to the left.  The rectory address is 2460 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-743-0102.  The parish website is linked here.  In 1922, Bishop Thomas Molloy established this parish under the patronage of St. Edmund of Canterbury. (That link from a St. Edmund parish in Delaware explains the three names by which Edmund is known.)

Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.

The address of St. Edmund Elementary School is 1902 Avenue T, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-648-9229.

St. Edmund Preparatory High School faces Ocean Avenue just south of Avenue T.  Its address is 2474 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-743-6100. The Prep's website is linked here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good Shepherd, Avenue S

Early Christian art portrayed Jesus as the Good Shepherd, in a pose resembling the statue here at the corner of Avenue S and Brown Street between Midwood and Marine Park, Brooklyn.  The mailing address of Good Shepherd parish is 1950 Batchelder Street, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-998-2800.  The parish website, linked here, is very informative.

Dedicated to the Good Shepherd.  Batchelder Street, with rectory, school yard, and convent, is adjacent.

Any photo may be enlarged by clicking on it.  To the right of the holy water font is a plaque memorializing six parishioners who died in the catastrophe of 9/11.  The schedule dates from September, 2011.

The older altar has a puzzling inscription, "Nos nos oraque Deo."  Please send an explanation to cjmcmann(at)
James Sullivan has added a helpful comment.  Many thanks!  What I took as the letter o (after the second s) could well be a t with a curl.  Then it would read, Nos nostraque Deo, We and ours to God, nostra being neuter nominative plural.  I wonder what the lowest seven letters read.  By clicking on the photo, you may enlarge it.  

On May 20, 1939, fire destroyed the original 1927 church.  The new one is remarkable for its Spanish Mission design, its use of ceramic tiles (including the Stations of the Cross) and the nave windows that refer to Biblical shepherds (David, Bethlehem, parables of Jesus).

Good Shepherd Catholic Academy is at 1943 Brown Street, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-339-2745.  Its website is linked here.  The above photo faces north, towards the church at Avenue S.  

Whimsy enlivens.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Resurrection, Gerritsen Beach

The postal address of Resurrection parish is 2331 Gerritsen Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11229, telephone 718-743-7234.  The photo shows the church facing Gerritsen Avenue, with the intersection of Whitney Avenue at the right.  To the left is the former school and, left of that, the rectory. The parish apparently has no website, but an unofficial Facebook page is linked HERE.

Above is the Mass schedule as of September, 2011.

The rectory is to the left, a school to the right. For decades, Dominican Sisters taught in the school.  The rectory is a former convent built in the late 1950's.
The parish was founded in 1924.  A photo of the interior of the church appears on Flickr, linked here.  The website Gerritsen Memories offers some history and many photos of the parish and its school. The adjacent parish 0.6 mile north is Good Shepherd, with a parish school.  
The Wikipedia article on Gerritsen Beach states that the parish school closed in 2005.

Gerritsen Avenue and the community of Gerritsen Beach extend another mile southeast through the peninsula before reaching the point.  Bus route B31 connects this community with the Brighton Line at Kings Highway Station.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Saint Saviour High School, Park Slope

Saint Saviour High School is a highly-regarded Catholic school for girls, located at 588 Sixth Street, Brooklyn NY 11215, telephone 718-768-4406.  I urge you to view the school's website, linked here
The school is on Sixth Street between Prospect Park West and Eighth Avenue, Park Slope.
For Saint Saviour parish and its elementary school, please see below.

Saint Saviour, Park Slope

St. Saviour church is located at the southeast corner of Eighth Avenue and Sixth Street in Park Slope. Its mailing address is 611 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215, telephone 718-768-7983. The parish website tells much about the functioning of the parish, and the history page is commendable. In September, 2016, some of the graphics did not display (due to broken links?) and minutes of the pastoral planning council stop with March, 2015.

The parish high school is at 588 Sixth Street, Brooklyn NY 11215, telephone 718-768-4406. The website is linked here. The cornerstone of the building is dated 1908, so I presume that sometime in the 1950's the elementary department moved to a newer building on Eighth Avenue, shown below.
On nearby Seventh Avenue, the public high school's cornerstone is dated MCMII. Park Slope's elegance goes back to the nineteenth century. In quite a few American cities, wealthier folk sought to live on "Prospect Street" or on "The Heights." Workers tended to live near their riverfront jobs.

Above is Saint Saviour Catholic Academy, 701 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215, telephone 718-768-8000, website linked here.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Immaculate Conception, Maujer St.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio issued a decree 9.14.2011 declaring that the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary at 72 Maujer Street, Williamsburg, has been relegated to profane use and may be placed for sale. For some years it has been part of Most Holy Trinity parish.
The parish of Most Holy Trinity was established in 1841 for German-speaking Catholics.  In 1853, Immaculate Conception parish was established a half-mile north.
About 11.1.2014, NY-Curbed reported on the construction of 40 apartments in the much-renovated and extended building that now carries the address 81 Ten Eyck Street.  Link HERE. The article says that the diocese leased the property for $6 million (per what term?).  The developer is the firm of Nataliya Donskoy, which may be the same one doing St. Cecilia School on a 49-year lease.