Friday, October 29, 2010

St. Augustine, Park Slope

The above view looks north on Sixth Avenue, Park Slope, with the towers of St. Augustine church under renovation in 2009. The rectory address is 116 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217, between Sterling Place and Park Place. The telephone is 718-783-3132, and the website is linked here.  (Ouch! On 11.13.2014 a correspondent told me that the photos were missing. True, and I now see other problems with this post.  I will attempt repairs. Thanks for the notification!)
The church was built in 1888, under the design of the Profitt brothers.
The above view shows the Sterling Place (south) end of the former parish school, which runs through to Park Place.  In addition to elementary grades, it once housed St. Augustine Diocesan High School for Boys.  A link to that school's alumni organization is here.
Tragically, on December 16, 1960, teachers and students saw an airliner descend along Stirling Place (left to right in this photo) before it crashed near Seventh Avenue. 

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